• Events & Recitals

  • While we want all of our students to enjoy their music lessons, we also want them to have opportunities to shine! That is why Silver Music Studios supports local music in all its shapes and forms. This year, we co-sponsored a summer music festival called "We've Got Some Nerve" that featured a number of local bands, some of which featured our own students.

  • Annual Recital

    All students, regardless of experience level or musical style, are invited to take part in our annual recital, with each year's recital getting bigger and better. The annual recital is a tradition at our school that dates back more than ten years, and has become an all-day celebration of our shared love of music.

    The next recital is scheduled for May 13, 2017, 1:00 PM at Collenbrook Church (the same venue as last year's). More details will be posted closer to the date.

    Without a doubt, the annual recital is the highlight of the year, when friends and family gather to hear our hard working students put on a show. We started this tradition a few years ago to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and it's just grown and grown, with each year's recital bigger and better than the one before!

    Our recitals are free admittance and open to the public. Photography and/or video recording is permitted.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and came out to cheer our students last spring for our 11th Annual Recital.

    Video: Video from recent recitals, including a guest appearance by noted educator and accordionist Joe Soprani.

    Each year, we post some photos from the recital on our Facebook page.