• Self-taught? Learn how professional training can take you to the next level

  • Many students of all ages and styles have come to me over the years, with some abilities on their respective instrument.  Some have played for years on their own, absorbed what they could, and now wish to further their skills and knowledge.  I have always encouraged students to explore and create with abandon.  This does not mean they should abandon seeking knowledge from a trained professional.

    The self-taught individual will only get so far, and will pick up bad habits along the way.  It then becomes our duty, the professional, to dissect where they are at, and ‘fill in the blanks’.  For example, you learned tabs off the internet for a few cool riffs on the guitar, a friend showed you some open chords and pwr 5ths, maybe a blues scale and you can ‘jam’ together a bit.  At no point did you realize you were holding the pick wrong, applying too much pressure to the fretboard and ignoring furthering your chords, scales and technique. And there is an entire study on rhythm, reading, theory, improvisation and ultimately songwriting.  The proper teacher can take you from ‘sounds good to me’ to ‘sounds good to all’.