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    Acoustic (dreadnaught)
    Aria acoustic(dreadnaught size)guitar – black, red, or blue. Includes case
    Acoustic/Classical (concert) guitar, natural finish only. Includes case
    Crestwood strat
    The Crestwood strat really shines and plays and sounds great. Comes in black, natural(shown), sunburst and more.
    Crestwood acoustic/electric
    This handy little number is a bit thinner in body than full size acoustic(dreadnaughts). It has a cutaway for easier access to upper frets. And this little lady comes in black(shown), sunburst, red or blue. Includes case.
    Crestwood Slim-Line
    Crestwood slim-line electric with whammy. Comes in any color you want as long as it’s black or red. Includes case.
    Electric Bass
    Crestwood electric Bass guitar in blue, black or red finish. Includes case
    Half or 3/4 Size Folk Guitar
    Folk guitar in 1/2 or 3/4 size. Natural finish only. Includes case.
    $80 – $100
    Accessories Buy*
    30 Watt Bass Amplifier
    Axtron 30 watt bass amp with EQ
    30 watt guitar amp w/dist.
    Axtron 30 watt amplifier with killer distortion. channel switch pedal not included.
    8 – 12 foot instrument jacks. 1/4 inch male each end.
    $12 – $15
    Guitar Strap
    Straps for acoustic or electric gtr or electric bass. Come in most colors you may think of as well as ‘Police Line’ yellow.
    $5 each
    Guitar Strings
    D’Addario singles and packs in either:
    80/20 bronze acoustic;
    Jazz .012 electric;
    Bluesy-Rock or Country .009 electric;
    Fusion or Heavy Rock .010 electric;
    High Tension Classical;
    Bass electric;*singles for all the above, except Classical
    $1 ea.
    $6 set
    Seiko or QuickTime – both do the tempo setting applications needed to stay “in time”.
    Picks – Scot Silver
    Pearloid picks with the image of Scot. Heavy.
    50¢ ea. (5/$2)
    Picks – Silver Music Studios
    pearloid picks with the Silver Music Studios logo. medium or heavy.
    50¢ ea. (5/$2)
    Show your school pride with a Silver Music Studios T-Shirt! Click the picture to the left to see the SMS logo on the front and the “Jazz Guise” on the back. All-cotton, short-sleeve in any color you want, as long as it’s black. Sizes S, M, L, and sev
    Tuner – Snark tuner
    Simple yet very effective. Attaches to your instrument with one hand. “Feels” instrument vibration making it ideal for noisy environments. Fully automatic, works with just about any stringed instrument.
    Instructional Materials Buy*
    Jam Sessions
    Jam Sessions features fresh and varied tracks to help you develop your soloing skills with looping backround tracks. Available for sale online. To hear a sample track, go to the Jam Sessions page on the site.
    $19.99 book and tape
    Manuscript Book
    Blank sheet music for your best ideas or for your teacher to create lessons in.
    Music Pursuing the Horizon
    Chuck Anderson’s book on a student’s growth in music. In short, deals with the many obstacles and how to overcome them in your musical pursuit.
    Music CDs Buy*
    chuck anderson angel blue
    Chuck anderson’s jazz for all, tour de force cd. Featuring Gerald Veasley on bass, Ron Kerber on sax and Chuck, of course, on the axe. Smokin’drums, keys and trumpet featured as well.
    Chuck Anderson’s kaleidophon
    Hear Chuck back in his neo-classical days, remastered. Original and traditional tunes abound. All solo gtr, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping.
    Chuck Anderson’s Vintage Tracks
    Vintage Tracks – The Chuck Anderson Trio with Al Stauffer on bass.
    Myriad, the self-titled debut album.
    Odyssey, Scot Silver’s solo album. Click here to listen to samples or to order online.

    * Prices subject to change