• Student Spotlight

  • Silver Music Studios is proud of all of our students' accomplishments, large and small. Whether playing for a few friends or family members, or rockin' tha house at places like the Trocadero, it gives us great satisfaction when our students share their musical gifts.

    In this new feature of the website, we'll connect with our students and friends, and let you know where you might be seeing them next!

  • Luke Naylor


    Luke has been a guitar student of Silver Music Studios for over 5 years. Luke focuses on a range of alternative rock, jazz, classical and songwriting. Luke is also quite the avid piano player. He performs piano in the high school jazz band and has even sat in with Scot Silver’s band, Shades of Silver, on both instruments. He is the guitarist, singer, writer and bandleader of his own band -- TIEM. The band has recently released their 1st self-titled, self-produced EP. Here's an excerpt from one review

    It’s a little hard to pin down West Chester emo-outfit Tiembased on its Outmatched EP. The band itself says that the songs are a collection written over the course of two-and-a-half years, and that’s a long time to change and develop your sound. Will it eventually sound like an alt-rock throwback, like  “Friendly has a Grey Area,” or will the folk-y acoustic of “Jim” be the ultimate path? Too early to buy stock either way.

    I’ll tell you what I do like about Tiem, though; its brand of emo doesn’t follow the popular path. Rather than take cues from a Kinsella-indebted band or something from the 2003 Summer of Screamo, tracks like “No, Those Aren’t Ruby Slippers” and “Treading Water” split the difference somewhere between Sunny Day Real Estate and Incubus. There’s no telling where Tiem will go, but they’re taking a different road to get there, and that’s fun.

    Keep an eye out for Luke and his band TIEM. This lad is going places.

  • Constant Recourse

    Constant Recourse (whose bassist, Dalton Greiner, is a student of Rob's) made the news recently by winning the semi-finals at the of the Emergenza Festival. The accomplishment was covered by the Delaware County times:

    The local band Constant Recourse, a Christian pop/rock group, recently took first place in the semi-finals of the Emergenza Festival held at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. By virtue of its winning the semi-finals, Constant Recourse will move to the next round on Saturday, June 30, at The Trocadero in Philadelphia.

    Read more at the Constant Recourse official website.

  • Threads of Sincerity

    Three members of this rock quartet are Silver Music Studios students. Catch up with them on their MySpace page.

    Photo: Threads of Sincerity at the Trocadero

    • Kevin Heaney - lead vocals, guitar
    • Chris D'Amico - bass, vocals
    • Mike Coscia - guitar
    • Justin Lombardi - drums, vocals