• Testimonials

  • My children have been taking instrument lessons at Silver Music Studios for over 8 years. So many parents are so surprised to find that my son "stuck with it", because normally kids lose interest in their instrument when they become tweens and teenagers. I attribute much of his success and desire to learn piano to his awesome instructor and the comfortable and laid back environment and personality of the Silver Music Studios owner and family of instructors.  The instructors make learning music cool. And they are so very supportive of every student. My son and daughter have played all from classical to Pop and R&B styles of music. The instructors work at a pace that makes the student comfortable, yet challenges them to be disciplined and committed to expressing their best selves through music. I value the relationships and musical mentorship that Silver Music Studios provides.  I can't imagine my kids learning music and expressing their musical interests, gifts, and talents anywhere else. 

    Rhonda K.

  • Thank you for so much for your positive encouragement and mentoring of Ted. His life has been changed both musically and personally.


  • Over the last six years you have taught me many things. Not only did you teach me how to play, but more importantly how to learn. Learning something as complex as music is not an easy task, but through your lessons I have learned how to listen, wonder, and ask. I have learned it is Ok to be completely and utterly confused (as I have often been!) You have never criticized me (too much) but guided me until I understood. It has taught me that with persistence and practice I can play anything I want. The experiences you have given me will last a lifetime. Thank you.

    Matt M.

  • Scot is an excellent instructor. Scot's technical expertise and enthusiasm for teaching create an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and conducive to learning. His program combines exercises and music theory in a logical sequence of lessons that are challenging but not so demanding as to be discouraging. Scot is not only a very competent musician; he is flexible, and attuned to individual students' specific needs and areas of interest.

    Melissa S.