• Young at Heart Musician

  • If you are a family person, full-time in the workforce and/or own a home and pay bills, life is certainly exhausting.  Maybe you considered taking up an instrument or sharing your voice with the world, but commitments and confidence may have gotten in the way.

     Perhaps you were a budding musician in your early years, but got away from it.  It is not too late.  If you are over 30..over 40…over 50..over 60…over 70…, now is the time to dust off that old guitar or bass, uncover that piano, polish your old sax or clean the cobwebs off those vocal chords.  If one is not in your grasp, there are rental or purchasing options that do not need to be a financial burden.

    Many clinical studies show the benefits of music in your life.  It taps into a part of the brain that benefits your cognitive side.  That would aid in attention, memory, producing and understanding language, learning, reasoning and problem solving.  If these are not reasons enough to pick up an instrument or sing, how about the sheer joy of it.  Kids shouldn’t have all the fun.

     No more excuses. Now is the time to honor and educate yourself with the gift of music.