Bass Lessons

If you love them thumpin’ bass lines, you know that a bass is a lot more than a guitar with a couple of missing strings. Come and take bass lessons from teachers that share your love for the low, low tones.

We customize each bass lesson plan to each student. Our scheduling is flexible and we believe that bass lessions should be affordable for everyone. Silver Music Studios was founded to provide quality music instruction for everyone: every age… every level… every style.

Bass lessons are available in our Havertown studio and we also offer bass lessons online.

Beginner Bass Lessons

For beginners, Silver Music Studios balances the technical teaching needed to get started right away (who wants to wait to start jammin’?) with the theory and music appreciation needed to create a solid foundation. You’ll understand why you’re learning (and practicing) what you’re learning, and how it relates to your goals as a musician.

Intermediate and Advanced Bass Lessons

You won’t outgrow Silver Music Studios as you transition from a beginner to a more accomplished student. For the intermediate and advanced student, our instructors can craft individualized lesson plans geared to your specific musical goals.

Thank you for so much for your positive encouragement and mentoring of Ted. His life has been changed both musically and personally.


Our Bass Teachers

NickNick has been playing for over twenty years and teaching for more then ten years. Nick’s influences range from everything from classic rock to jazz and beyond, and his specialties are funk, smooth jazz, standards jazz, pop, classic rock, ballad, country, blues, as well as beginner to intermediate fretless.

Scot SilverPhilly born and raised, Scot’s training runs the gamut, including blues, country, rock, bluegrass, classical, jazz, fusion, shred, metal, new age, funk, oldies, surf and finger-style acoustic. He also teaches bass guitar and songwriting. Come see why this award-winning guitarist, singer and composer has what it takes to guide toward your musical goals

Fixed-Price Guarantee

The Silver Music Studios Fixed-Price Guarantee reflects our dedication to your growth as a musician.
Most studios raise their rates periodically; if you want the benefits of working with the same teacher, you find yourself spending more and more money for the same service. Silver Music Studios puts more value on the student-teacher relationship. The price you pay for your first bass lesson is the price you will pay for all of your bass lessons, for as long as you are a Silver Music Studios student.
We want to encourage, not discourage, our students to stick with us! See Studio Policies for details and restrictions.