Private Ukulele Lessons

It seems the little ukulele, long regarded as merely a novelty instrument, is now making a national comeback. And it’s about time. Not sure if you’re ready to accept the tiny two-octave four-stringer as a serious musical instrument?

We offer ukulele lessons for any level of experience in our Havertown studio, and we also offer online ukulele lessons.

Our Top Ten Reasons To Play Ukulele:

10. Portability. Obviously it’s much smaller and lighter than a piano, cello, or drums. Just put the uke in its case, strap it over your shoulder and go. You might forget you’re even carrying it.

9. Cost. Generally, smaller size = less wood = smaller price. A playable uke can be had for under a hundred dollars. And no amplifier is required.

8. It’s a great starter instrument for kids and music novices. The ukulele is probably the least intimidating musical instrument out there. Learn a few chords and you’ll be strumming simple songs in no time!

7. It’s easy on the hands and fingers. Compare it to a standard steel-string guitar. The uke uses soft nylon strings, and the short scale length means not only smaller stretches for the hand, but lower string tension as well.

6. The ukulele has become cool again. Seriously! Well, maybe not in every corner of the country. But do a search online and you’ll find message boards, blogs and stores all over the world devoted exclusively to ukuleles. And young players like uke virtuosos Jake Shimabukuro and James Hill are appealing to a whole new generation of ukulele enthusiasts.

5. The uke community is very friendly and supportive. There are local ukulele clubs, where ukers of all levels can meet and jam, popping up all across the US. And if you can’t find a club in your area, the aforementioned online message boards are valuable sources of ideas and information.

4. It’s hard to be depressed when you’re strumming a ukulele.

3. The uke makes a perfect accompaniment to singing. You can be a one-person band! Ever try singing while playing trombone?

2. The sound. Just listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. The ukulele has a truly beautiful and charming tone.

1. There’s just something about the ukulele that makes people smile.