Guitar Lessons

Silver Music Studios has been providing private guitar lessons for over twenty years to kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. Regardless of your age, your playing style, your experience level, and your goals, we can pair you with a teacher who is just right for you, whether you are taking lessons in our Havertown school or you take your guitar lessons online via Skype or FaceTime.

Guitar lessons for kids

Most of us begin learning music as children, when enthusiasm is high but technique is not. Silver Music Studios has teachers who can tap into and maintain the young student’s motivation, while gradually building the discipline and technique needed for success in the long run. Lessons are fun and fast-paced (if that’s your style, of course), and students always understand how the music theory and exercises are helping them play the music they want to play.

Guitar lessons for adult beginners

The adult beginning music student has a different set of challenges. This student usually has plenty of patience and discipline and more familiarity with musical styles, but doesn’t have as much free time to practice and requires targeted guitar lessons to build skills quickly.

Guitar lessons for experienced players

Music is a lifelong pursuit, and we are ready to help even when you’re not a beginner anymore. A number of our guitar students are performing musicians with ten or more years of experience. We’ll be with you when it is time to get into advanced music theory and techniques.

Silver Music Studios was founded to provide quality music instruction for everyone: beginners… experienced musicians… every age… every level… every style. We customize each guitar lesson plan to each student. Our scheduling is flexible and we believe that guitar lessons should be affordable for everyone.

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I have been taking guitar lessons with Scot since October 1993. Scot is an excellent instructor. Scot’s technical expertise and enthusiasm for teaching create an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and conducive to learning. His program combines exercises and music theory in a logical sequence of lessons that are challenging but not so demanding as to be discouraging. Scot is not only a very competent musician; he is flexible, and attuned to individual students’ specific needs and areas of interest.

Melissa S.

Our Guitar Teachers

Jeni is a singer/songwriter with an eclectic artistic background. She grew up studying classical piano and voice, and moved to New York City to study musical theater, performed off-Broadway and realized, her real passion was in songwriting. She devoted herself to the guitar and continued her music exploration on 6 strings. She studied privately at the American Institute of Guitar. During this time she also studied voice under Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger) to make the transition from Broadway singing to pop/rock. She recorded an album with producer Jeff Coplan and started a band that performed around NYC for several years. After moving to Florida, she started a duo called My Two Minds with Keith Eaton. They performed all around the Orlando area in venues like The Hard Rock Hotel’s Velvet Bar, and Tommy Bahamas. After relocating to the Philadelphia area, Jeni began teaching music for the Artreach program created by Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. She continues that connection, writes, records and performs an array of music and styles on the guitar and other instruments. Silver Music Studios is proud to welcome her aboard our music ship.

Nick has been playing guitar for over thirty years and teaching for more then twenty years. Nick’s influences range from everything from classic rock to jazz and beyond. Nick’s brings patience and fun personality to his guitar lessons. He plays in many styles of music, though he specializes in blues, country, finger-style, rock, bluegrass, beginner to intermediate classical, jazz, fusion, shred, metal, funk, oldies and R & B. Come see what all the rage is about, on the guitar Nick can do it all.

RichRich comes to us with over 15 years teaching experience. He specializes in all things rock, funk, blues, metal, finger-style acoustic and quirky styles. Rich is a proficient pianist and singer as well. Gifted with charm and personality, patience and a musical arsenal, come be enlightened. Rich offers guitar lessons for all ages and most styles.

Scot SilverPhilly born and raised, Scot’s training runs the gamut, including blues, country, rock, bluegrass, classical, jazz, fusion, shred, metal, new age, funk, oldies, surf and finger-style acoustic. He also teaches bass guitar and songwriting. Come see why this award-winning guitarist, singer and composer has what it takes to guide toward your musical goals.

TomTom is native to the Broomall area. With over 15 years teaching guitar and over 30 years playing, he can draw from an array of eclectic insight. Tom is wonderful with the young and young at heart. He is well versed in blues, classic rock, folk, fingerstyle, music composition/theory and beginner jazz. Allow Tom to be your musical guide.

Fixed-Price Guarantee

The Silver Music Studios Fixed-Price Guarantee reflects our dedication to your growth as a musician.

Most studios raise their rates periodically; if you want the benefits of working with the same teacher, you find yourself spending more and more money for the same service. Silver Music Studios puts more value on the student-teacher relationship. The price you pay for your first guitar lesson is the price you will pay for all of your guitar lessons, for as long as you are a Silver Music Studios student.

We want to encourage, not discourage, our students to stick with us! See Studio Policies for details and restrictions.